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ʻŌlelo Hawai‘i– Hawaiian Language Resource Videos

What Role Does Hawaiian Language Play in Our State?

The Hawaiian Renaissance brought about a resurgence in Hawaiian language more than three decades ago. ©PBS Hawai'i

The Hawaiian Language

Ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian language, once forbidden in schools and nearly lost, is flourishing again in these Islands. In 1978, it became the official state language along with. ©PBS Hawai'i

Politics - Economics - Monarchy

Stamps of the Hawaiian Kingdom

A short video that explores the Coup d'État through stamps from the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and the Provisional Government. ©Bishop Museum. HAWAIʻI ALIVE

The Bayonet Constitution

This video explores the causes and effects of the Bayonet Constitution. ©Bishop Museum. Hawaiʻi ALIVEi

Wilcox Rebellion of 1895

A short video that recounts the history of Robert Wilcox's rebellion against the newly formed Republic of Hawai'i. ©Bishop Museum. HAWAIʻI ALIVE

The Coup d'État of January 17, 1893

A short video that explores the causes and effects of the Coup d'État of January 17, 1893. ©Bishop Museum. HAWAIʻI ALIVEi


Pele Searches A Home

An animated video in English, with ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, about the legend of Pele's origin. ©PREL

Maui Snatches The Sun

An animated video about the legend of Maui and the sun. ©PREL

The Menehune and The Birds

An animated video about menehune. ©PREL

The Value of Hawaiʻi

Value of Hawai’i 3 Hulihia Pt 1

Discussions of a post-COVID Hawaiʻi need to begin with the recognition of the exploitation and injustice that has defined America’s presence in Hawaiʻi. Contributors address address these issues. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Value of Hawai’i 3 Hulihia Pt 2

Problems and solutions old and new—Warriors, Ahupuaʻa, and home in Waiʻanae. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Science - Environment - Social

Contemporary Land Issues

A short video that looks at the issues surrounding Mauna Kea; as a Hawaiian sacred site and scientific research facility. Excerpts from PBS Doc "First Light." ©Bishop Museum. Hawaiʻi ALIVE


A film about the environment in Hawaiʻi. Narrated by a 10-year old, this video combines animation, ʻōlelo Hawai'i, and talk stories with scientists and cultural practitioners. ©Bess Press Inc


A film presenting issues around the houseless crisis on Oʻahu. ©R3Image

Birth of An Island

A video about the geological and astronomical science behind the birth of a volcanic island during 2015 in the Kingdom of Tonga. ©Nasa

Climate Change Impact on Hawai‘i

Climate Change is global, but it has quite specific impacts on Hawai'i. These experts research the threats and plan for them. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Sustainable Hawai‘i 2.0 Economy

Everyone says Hawai’i’s dependence on tourism has to change. Four Hawai‘i experts explain different points of view. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Mitigating Climate Change in Hawai'i -- Highlights

Climate Change is already here. Four leading thinkers discuss what it actually means for Hawai‘i, and what is being done about it. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Planning for Hawaii 2.0 -- Highlights

A revisioned Hawai‘i 2.0 will require a tremendous amount of planning—but can it overcome development pressures and political obstacles? ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Conserving Resources for Hawaii 2.0 -- Highlights

Conservation will be a key element of Hawai‘i 2.0. and these experts will describe some of the many projects already in motion. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

PreK-12 Education for Hawaii 2.0 -- Highlights

PreK-12 education is the key to a successful Hawai‘i 2.0, and these four education leaders are on then front line. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

UH System Engine for Hawai'i 2.0 -- Highlights

A UH Manoa scientist-administrator, a historian, a Hawaiian political scientist, and an English professor look at the future role of the university. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Managing Coastal Retreat in Hawai'i -- Highlights

Sea-level rise has already proved the most visible and relentless impact of Global Warming on Hawai‘i. These are the State and City experts tasked with managing coastal retreat. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Covid-19 Testing and Tracing in Hawai'i

Hawai'i's Lieutenant Governor and a disaster expert discuss the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Homelessness and Houselessness in Hawai'i

These experts describe how the pandemic has brought homelessness and affordable housing into high relief, ands discuss what needs to be done. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Lockdown Stress, Anxiety, Depression

The pandemic lockdown keeps all kinds of stress invisible. These Hawai'i practitioners see the effects of COVID-19 isolation. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Disparities in Hawai'i Health

Three experts look at extreme disparities in Hawai‘i health brought into focus by COVID-19. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Lasting Effects of COVID-19 -- Highlights

Three Hawaii doctors discuss the physical and psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Telemedicine Benefits & Limitations -- Highlights

COVID-19 forced the widespread use telemedicine. Is it here to stay? Three doctors, a therapist, and a medical administrator discuss the benefits and limitations. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Climate Change Impacts on Health in Hawai‘i

New pathogens like COVID-19 are likely to occur with Climate Change, just one of a number of threats to Hawai‘i health in the not so distant future. Three doctors diagnose the prospects. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Arts & Culture for Hawai'i 2.0 -- Highlights

The role of the Arts & Culture in Hawai'i 2.0 ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Advanced Visualization & Quantitative Imaging -- Highlights

Two University of Hawai'i leaders in digital imagery demonstrate its power in interpreting cancer and climate change. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

C-More and the Ocean Biome & HNEI /Ocean Energy, Ocean Cooling

Leading scientists at two of the major labs at UH explore the possibilities of the ocean, from the microscopic biome to wave energy. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Anti-corrosion Heat X & Microfabricated Devices

Two Hawai'i scientists bring nanotechnology to bear on corrosion and micro devices. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

JABSOM Covid-19 Vaccine & Oceanit Assure-19 Test

A JABSOM researcher and a technology CEO discuss their very different active approaches to COIVID-19 testing and vaccine. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements & Functional Foods

A University of Hawai'i scientist and a Honolulu entrepreneur describe the agriculture of tomorrow and a powerful antioxidant. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Cyber physical Systems & The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

Two scientists explore controversial frontiers with huge implications for the future. One develops cyber-physical systems, the other a radically new approach to Artifical Intelligence that could transform the practice of medicine. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Academy for Creative Media & Intellectual Anarchy

Two of Hawai‘i’s most successful entrepreneurs discuss their approaches to disruptive innovation. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Nalukai Startup Camp & Ocean Era Cage Fishery -- Highlights

Two Big Island projects: Start-up training for teenagers, and an international model for offshore fish farming. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Elemental Excelerator & Blue Startups -- Highlights

Mitigating Climate Change in Hawai'i is provoking many ingenious ideas. They all need capital to take those ideas into reality. Listen to the energy and variety of these two outstanding Hawai‘i accelerators. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Introduction to HBMF 2020 Innovation Future Program

Everyone says Innovation is the key to Hawai‘i 2.0. –but what does that mean in practice? Check out why a UH leader and a Honolulu CEO who are in the thick of tech at UH and across the globe believe it’s really possible, and why. ©Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival

Modern History Video Resources

The State Court System

How A Bill Becomes a Law

What Is The Office of Hawaiian Affairs?

What Does a Lieutenant Governor Do?

The Primary Election

How To Testify On A Bill

What’s A ConCon?

Independent Candidates

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