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Moloka‘i is sometimes referred to as the “Friendly Isle” and is home to more Native Hawaiians than any place in the world. Moloka‘i is an island of plantations, pastures, small farms, and big ranches. It also has steep cliffs along its shorelines. There are also open, dry plains and sharp cliffs. From the heights you can look down upon the Kalaupapa Settlement.

Along the shores are relics of early Polynesian life—the old fishponds of menehune legend and heiau. The northern shoreline, with its great cliffs and towering waterfalls, is among Hawai‘i’s most impressive sights. Moloka‘i forests were once full of sandalwood trees. So many of the trees were cut down and sold in the time of the kings that few, if any, are left. Deer now roam through the forest areas that remain.

VIH Molokai sunset 2
East Moloka‘i shoreline


Starr Molokai
Halawa Bay
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