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Kaua‘i is the “Garden Isle” and uses the light green mokihana berries in its island lei. Kaua‘i is the oldest island of the Hawaiian group, and Līhu‘e is the largest city. One of Māui’s sons, Kiha‘api‘ilani, is said to have made a four- to six- foot wide stone road that completely encircled the island. Its Hawaiian name is Kealaloamaui (“The Long Road of Maui”) but only small sections of it remain today. Its common name is the “King’s Highway.” Near the Wailua River is a large sloping stone, a pōhaku ho‘ohānau or birthing stone. Pregnant ali‘i women would head to the stone before a child was born. Being born at this spot would insure an ali‘i of high-ranking status.

In the center of the island is Wai‘ale‘ale, a small lake at the northern summit rim of Kawaikini. “Wai” is “water” and “‘ale‘ale” is “rippling.” Records show that this area has four-hundred to six-hundred inches of rain a year and is the wettest spot on earth.

Hanalei Bay
Hanalei Bay


Manawaiopuna Falls


Waimea canyon
Waimea Canyon
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