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Chapter 16 – Hawai‘i Becomes an American Territory

The story of Hawai‘i’s changes to become part of the United States is a long one. In 1851, over a hundred years before statehood was granted, Kamehameha III drew up a treaty to annex Hawai‘i to the United States. But it did not happen then. Each government from Kamehameha’s time brought up the same question. Hawai‘i as a Republic was only an “in-between” government. It took care of the present and left the door open for the future until the United States was ready to move further.

Hawaiian Annexation Commission of 1893
Hawaiian Annexation Commission of 1893 – The Annexation Commission organized by the Provisional Government of Hawai‘i for the purpose of negotiating an annexation treaty with the United States. Sitting from left to right: William Chauncey Wilder, Joseph Marsden, Lorrin A. Thurston, John Mott-Smith, and William Richards Castle. Standing: Charles L. Carter.
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